Monday, December 21, 2009

Yesterday's workout.. cuz I'm lazy.

I ended up skipping my workouts for the 18th and 19th.  On Friday my stomach was a bit upset and on Saturday I had chores, chores, chores!

I DID, however, manage to drag my ass into the gym yesterday after work and get a run and lifting session in! 

I hope I can continue to work out on the weekends after work but I'm afraid that priviledge is being threatened.  One of the other trainers has decided to be a dick about it.  He's basically a dick all around so I'm not too surprised about this, I just don't want to lose my workout time on the weekends. I really enjoy it and I know that Little C does too since we're on the same weekend schedule. 

There's also been a new and interesting developement!  I have had some problems keeping my weight down.  It's a diet issue for certain.  I over eat all the time and my diet's not so great about 25% of the time. 

Well, I've got some new motivation to tighten up my diet now!  TDS has a friend that is interested in my diet and TDS asked me to track my eating habits for a week so he could pass it along.  AHH!  Nothing like being put on the spot to make me REALLY pay attention to what I'm eating!  Hahahaha...  I know what I'm supposed to be eating to keep my weight where it should be, but I've been SO lazy about it lately that it's been unconscionable.

I think part of it has been having the week nights off.  I end up sitting around the house reading and eating and watching movies and eating and writing and eating and napping and eating!  I'm sure you can see where the problem is.  I have been keeping a mental tally in my head and I think that I'm up to about 3,000 calories a day, 33% of which is usually garbage food like chips, sandwichs (like 4 sandwiches in a row), pasta, rice, prepared foods, or things that are high cal and easy for me to bulk eat.  There's nothing like eating a whole box of whole wheat pasta in one sitting with home made marinara.  That right there is about 1,000 calories. I do that routinely.

So, there are two changes coming up that should adjust those eating habits a bit.  The first one is having that 'interested eye' looking over my shoulder *gulp!*, and the second is I'm going to take a few fun classes starting in January!  YAY!  That way I won't be sitting at home convincing myself I'm hungry when I'm actually just bored. 

Okay, so on to yesterday's workout:

Ran 3 miles at 6.0 mph and a 1% incline.  I'm still breaking in my shoes and I'm working my way through the associated aches and pains.  The shoes are AWESOME though.

Lifting: Legs and Shoulders.

I ran into problems with the shoulder portion of the workout.  Not having a spotter made some of the exercises really sketchy.

Leg Press/Body Squat Superset

Warm Up: Two plates for 12 reps
1st: 10 @ 2 plates, then 25 body weight squats
2nd: 10 @ 4 plates, then 20 body weight squats
3rd: 8 @ 6 plates, then 15 body weight squats.
**The weight on the machine was plenty heavy for me, but I'm going to have to add weight to the squats cuz they're more like a rest than a super set. (It's my huge ass!  Who knew it had so much muscle?!)

Hamstring Curls

1st: 10 @ 60lbs
2nd: 8 @ 65lbs
3rd: 6 @ 65lbs
**I don't know what it is about this exercise.  Some days I can get up to 80lbs for my last set, and some days I struggle with 60lbs.  Maybe I'm shifting something in my technique?

Seated DB Press

TDS wanted me to press 25lbs, then 30lbs, then 35lbs.  I struggled with the 25lbs and didn't feel comfortable having this weight above my head without a spotter so I lightened the load.

1st: 10 @ 25lbs
2nd: 4 @ 30lbs and 4 @ 25lbs (Almost dropped the 30lbs on my head!)
3rd: 10@ 20lbs.  My shoulders weren't tired, but I couldn't get my left arm stable enough to keep the weight where it should be.

Delt Flys Super Set with Front Raises

** I bombed on this one.  My shoulders didn't feel tired but my triceps and forearms were burnt. I couldn't keep my elbows and wrists stable enough to hold the weights.

Kyle asked for 20lbs, then 15lbs, then 10lbs.  I couldn't do it so I changed it to:
1st: 10 & 10 @15 lbs
2nd: 10 & 10 @ 12lbs
3rd: 10 & 10 @ 10lbs


**These were easy.  The hardest part was trying to hold on to the DBs.  I didn't feel anything in my shoulders to be honest.

1st: 12 @ 45lbs
2nd: 12 @ 45lbs
3rd: 10 @ 45lbs
4th: 10 @ 45lbs

--I think with these I'm going to have to just up the reps if I want to get any work out of them.  I just cannot hold onto that weight.

All in all I don't think I got too much out of this lifting day.  Most of it was due to the fact that even though my prime movers were up to the task, I didn't have a spotter to really push and my agonist muscles couldn't carry the weight. 

I'm sure this will all start evening out with practice. 

Right now I'm trying to decide if I'm going to work out today or not.  I'm having one of those days were I feel like I have all this creative energy crammed into my head and all I can think about is how I want to get it OUT somehow. 
These tend to be the WORST days for working out.  :-/  

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