Thursday, December 17, 2009

No running today..

..because I'm dead tired.  I think I maybe got an hour of sleep last night.

I DID lift today, so here's the workout.

Back and Biceps.

Dead Lifts.  I hate Dead Lifts.  They hurt my back, ribs, and neck REALLY bad and no one seems to understand that.  (Insert very frustrated face here)  Last time TDS had me do these I think we put 15's on each side and the whole time it felt like my back was going to slide out of place.  I couldn't breathe, my neck hurt (I have no idea why), and my right hip was SINGING in pain.  Yes, I complained.  No, he didn't listen.  I ended up icing my back for the next two days after. 

So today his lifting plan indicated that I should be putting 20's or 25's on each side.  I call bullshit!  Not going to do it.  Not after last time.  I put 10's on each side and called it good until the last set, where I put 15's on. 

So, 1st Set 5 @ 10lbs
2nd 5 @ 10lbs
3rd 5 @ 10 lbs
4th 5 @10 lbs
5th 5 @ 15lbs.

I wish I hadn't done the 15's because I could FEEL something shift in my back and now my right back and hip hurt like hell.  I will NOT be doing anything above 10lbs for a while.  That's final.

Okay, I feel a little better now. 

Lat Pull Down Superset with Pull-ups.

I suck at pull-ups.  I can't do them without one foot on something for a little boost.  YOU try lifting 145lbs!  Just try it!


1st set 12 @ 60lbs and 9 pull ups.
2nd 10 @ 75lbs and 8 pull ups
3rd 8 @ 90 lbs and 10 pull ups.

Body Weight Rows. 

These are neat.  Take your Smith Machine, set the bar to about 3 feet off the ground, lay down, grab the bar, and lift yourself up.  Repeat.  Great core workout too!

I did 10/10/7.  I'm pretty awful at these but I've not been doing them consistently.

Bent Over Row

I didn't think about this until right now but he MAY have wanted me to to a Bent Over Straight Bar Row.  I did it with Dumbbells instead.  I wouldn't have done the straight bar anyway because my back hurts so bad right now I can't sit and cross my legs. Fuck You Dead Lifts!

He also asked for 40lbs and I simply couldn't lift them.  So I went with the 35's.

I did 8reps for all 3 sets with the 35lbs.

Preacher Curl

I'm pretty sure I'm not doing these right.  My biceps are probably my weakest link.  I can never get full extention and then flex with anything over a 20lbs.  I followed his weight, but I was stopping my extention just past the 90 deg angle mark.  Sorry. 

1st 12 @ 40lbs
2nd 10 @ 40 lbs
3rd 5 @ 50 lbs.  He asked for 45lbs here but there's no such thing in this gym. 

And that was it for today.  Other than my back I don't feel like I worked too hard.  I tried, but it's one of those things where I don't seem to be able to lift enough weight to get a good workout.  Ah well.  Someday.  :) 

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