Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's Snowin'!

Actually fun to ride in..

Okay, so I actually have a little energy today so I'm going to toss this one up kinda quick before I lose my motivation.  I really have to clean this apartment!

After being dead tired yesterday I ended up sleeping in a bit this morning.  In my rush to get breakfast in me and get out the door I accidentally left my fridge door open.  No serious losses, just some lettuce and a half carton of soy milk, but I still feel pretty stupid for not noticing it.  Why my fridge decided at that moment to stay open I will never understand.  

This morning I mixed some vegan Creatine Monohydrate into my soaked oats and I do believe I noticed a difference today.  

I started with a 3 mile run @ 6mph and a 1.0% incline.  This incline is starting to get easier and I think I'll be able to bump up the speed soon without too much soreness.

Chest and Triceps

 **So today I was able to lift heavier than I had last week but my left forearm failed WAY earlier.  It became SUPER limiting on the Flys and Chest Push ups.

Flat Bench w/ DB

Warm up: 12 @ 25lbs
1st: 10 @ 30lbs (struggled on the 10th rep, thought I was screwed for sure.)

2nd: 10 @ 35lbs
3rd: 8 @ 40lbs
4th Super Set: 2 @ 40lbs / 4 @ 30lbs / 10 @ 20lbs.

**Last week I couldn't even LIFT the 40's so to push them for the full 8 reps was awesome!  

Incline Bench

1st: 10 @ 25lbs
2nd: 10 @ 30lbs
3rd: 8 @ 30lbs (Tried but couldn't lift the 35lbs, felt close though) 
4th: Super Set: 7 @ 30 lbs / 5 @ 25lbs / 6 @ 20lbs

** This one improved a lot as well.  I got all my reps before failure and upped my weight on the super set. 

Chest Push Ups/ DB Fly

**This is where my left forearm started to give.  It was so tired that I couldn't keep my left hand wrapped around the DB.  I actually dropped it on the first set. I had to put so much energy into keeping my hand closed around the DB that I didn't have any energy left for the push ups and my left arm failed completely.

1st: 13 @ 20lbs and 15 push ups.  

2nd: 15 @ 20lbs and 15 push ups.

Triceps Overhead

**This one improved a touch but I was having problems controlling the DB with my left arm.  Did more lifting with my right tri than my left tri.

1st: 10 @ 30lbs
2nd: 10 @ 35lbs
3rd: 10 @ 40lbs.  

I didn't get a chance to do cable pull down.  My motivation wasn't exactly working this morning so I spent too much time sitting on my butt and started my workout late.  

Ah well.  I still feel pretty good.  Not as wrecked and shaky as I did last week, but at least I felt like a progressed. 


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