Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I'm irritable today!

I own a futon. 

I always sleep with it in the 'up' position so there's no way for me to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, but....  Somehow I've managed to do just that.  I feel super scattered, grumpy, irritable, and anxious. 

Everything is in my way today, I have tunnel vision, my heart is racing.  I feel shitty.

So, with that preface! (lol!)

Here's todays workout.

TDS sent me my lifting schedule today!  YAY!!  It starts with Chest and Triceps.

Flat Bench w/DB's. 

1 warm up set @ 25 lbs for 12 reps (I accomplished!)
1st set @30lbs for 8-10 reps (accomplished!)
2nd @35lbs for 8-10 reps (I could only get 7)
3rd @40lbs for 8-10 reps (EPIC FAIL!  I couldn't manage to lift the 40lbs at all.  Did 4 @ 35lbs.
4th was a super set until failure.  Did 4 @ 35lbs, 5 @ 30lbs and 10 @ 20lbs.

Incline Bench

Not quite sure what my weights and reps were supposed to be.  (It was a bit vague and I don't follow instructions very well)  ;-)

1st set 10@ 25 lbs
2nd 9 @ 30lbs
3rd 4 @ 30lbs
4th was a super set.  Did 7 @ 30lbs (I have no idea how I could do that after dying on the last set.  I'm weird I guess?), 9 @ 20lbs, and 11 @ 15lbs.

Chest Push-Ups/DB Fly

2 sets of DB Flys @20lbs for 15 reps supersetted with 20 push-ups.  No problem.

Tricep Overhead Press

1st set 10 @ 30 lbs
2nd 10 @ 35 lbs
3rd 8 @ 40 lbs

No problem. 

Cable-Press Downs

1st set 12 @ 30lbs
2nd 12 @ 25lbs
3rd 12 @ 20 lbs.

All in all it was probably the most productive of all the lifting sessions I've had.  I was hoenstly tired when I finished and my arms were shakey which is something that never happens.

I hope it's because there are new supersets in the routine now and not that I feel like a big bag of poop. 

Today's run was a total failure.  I just couldn't get my brain to calm down.  That meant that I couldn't get my breathing under control and I was tense and couldn't relax.  Awful experience.  So I bailed after a mile and a half.

I'm gonna take myself somewhere nice for lunch, maybe go buy a DVD and I'm gonna go home and chill out. 

Since I crapped out on the run I'm going to try to get in 2 miles tomorrow just to keep my weekly miles up.

Tomorrow is Back and Biceps.  I'm supposed to do Dead Lifts.  Hmmm.. We'll see about that. 

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