Friday, October 9, 2009

Quick Daily Pic..

Fall = Less Children!

Just thought I'd throw this Daily Picture up really quick before I hit the futon. Most of the time I try to find other places to take pictures but Liberty Park is so pretty sometimes that I always seem to fall back on it.

During the summer the park is usually packed with children so I spend my commute just trying to avoid it, but starting with the first cold snap of fall the park empties out and becomes the favorite part of my day.

I also got a good pic demonstrating classic kitty snuggling behavior.

Each kitty adds 10 minutes to my wake up time.

Today was a weak workout day. My back is still buggin' me and, to be honest, I'm still a bit lazy and demotivated. The only thing that saved me was TDS pushing me to get off my ass. HOORAY!

TDS and I did the first track of the Bas Rutten CD (brutal!!) and then followed it up with some weights. My new game with Bas is to end every combo with a kick. If the combo ends in a left hand I'll throw a right kick, and vice versa. And in the 3 hooks and 2 knees combo I throw 3 hooks and two fast kicks.

If any of you do Bas Rutten, try this some time. It's brutal but it's GREAT for the cardio.

We did back today which, in hindsight, was a pretty stupid idea on my part. TDS voiced his concern more than once but I am not one to be told I can't do something. ( must.. Do.. EVERYTHING!! Cannot show weakness!!!)

We started with Seated Row. Once again, I barely looked at the weights so I really have no idea what I was lifting. I know, terrible.

10/10/8/10 with gradually higher weights.

(back felt good)

Then we moved over to Lat Pull starting at 75lbs, then I think 90lbs on the last set.
10/10 (I cheated a bit on this set)/ 10. TDS did my body weight's worth and I wanted to punch him in order to reassert my dominance. ;-)

(Back still felt pretty good, wrist was tired. Weird!)

Then I tried to do the dumbbell row. I knelt over the bench, put my left hand on the bench and picked up the dumbbell with my right hand. As soon as I got into position and relaxed my left shoulder a touch POW!!! My upper back seized up.

For a second I couldn't breathe and I couldn't feel my left arm. I put the weight down and sat down for a bit while my left arm went numb, then my shoulder, neck, and back started to throb. Not fun. Mind you I did this with a 25lbs weight. I shadowbox with 10 pounders and don't even break a sweat so this was kind of a kick in the pants.

On the plus side, now I know 100% what the trigger movement is to aggravate the injury. Before it would just set off randomly but now I know the movements to avoid. That will make it much easier to let it heal since it is physically impossible for me not to work out.

Since I couldn't breathe properly I decided to skip the run today but I will hopefully be able to get up bright and early tomorrow morning and knock out a 5 mile before work.

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