Sunday, June 7, 2009

Yes, I've been slacking this week..

I have to admit that the whole 'Jack being sick' thing wore me out. All I've wanted to do lately has been to go home and take naps with my kitty cat.

On a positive note. Jack is back 100%! Hooray!

So this week's running/training schedule will be as follows (shins permitting):

Mon: 2 mile run, 1 Thai Interval class
Tues: 3 mile run, 1 Thai class Heavy bag work (Pad work)
Wed: No run, Thai class light sparring, Aves Bike ride, Jiu Jitsu
Thurs: 2.5 mile run, Thai class heavy bag work
Fri: 1.5 mile run, Thai class hard sparring
Sat: 3 Mile run, Aves bike ride
Sun: Rest.

There's not much about this schedule that is getting me ready for more than a 5k right now because I'm REALLY trying to let my shins heal and get my weight/body fat down before I start to train REALLY hard.

I think that's reasonable.

I'm also thinking about training up for a short little 5k at the end of August for Ching Farms. Once again, we'll see. Right now I'm running so slow that I'm not really wanting to run out in public. (6mph is embarrassing!)

I DID have a slight brush with over training on Thursday so I'm using that to justify my laziness lately. I did two Thai classes back to back AND ran a 3 mile. My shins were crampy for the next two days. Really not happy.

Okay. On to recipes!

I tried two of the recipes from Brendan Brazier's book and I had mixed results.

First off was the Apple Cinnamon Energy Bar recipe which I didn't like.

When I made it it came out REALLY moist! I had to add almost an extra cup of dry ingredients and it STILL didn't get it dry enough to make anything but mush. :( Plus I didn't' like the flavor. Eh. I'm going to use the principles behind the nutrition and try to make my own bars since I'm picky about flavors.

Now, I also made some Lemon Sesame Crackers made from sesame seeds, agave, lemon, and coconut oil. I had a completely different problem with those. I liked them TOO much. I ate the whole batch before they even got cool.

So, unfortunately I'm going to have to classify those as 'junk food' and bar them from the house. It's yet another thing that I can't help but eat all of what's available. If you know me you know that I have a few food items that I can't bring into my kitchen for fear of eating the whole container, bag, box, crate in one sitting. In case you were curious these foods are:

Breakfast cereal
Ice cream
fruit juices
sugar snap peas (which I bring home anyway because I find them to be an acceptable food for bulk consumption)
Energy Bars (I've tried to buy them for the week and ended up eating all 5/6 in one sitting)
Any frozen vegan foods like burger patties, pizzas, chicken nuggets, french fries, etc.
Potato chips, snack chips, salted nuts

I'm sure there are more than I can't think of off the top of my head but that's most of it. I have, in my past, eaten whole packages of all of these foods in one sitting. That includes a full gallon of vegan ice cream, full loaves (yes, two loaves!) of bread, a 5 lbs bag of licorice, a full frozen pizza, a full bag of french fries, or combinations of the above all on once sitting.

It's bad! So these things don't come home with me. LOL! I have ZERO self control when it comes to food. I'm what you would call a binge eater. I always have been and it's a challenge for sure.

My goal for this week is to get my ride miles in. I'd like to do a good hilly 5 miles on both bike days. I'm afraid that I failed at this last week along with not getting all my running in. :(

It also looks like I'll be taking swimming lessons and spinning lessons out at the Sports and Athletic Mall in about a month. I hope. :) Maybe I'll add some spinning classes a little sooner with my friend Jeff's girlfriend Kerrie.

We'll see.

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