Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Look at this hoodie.. LOOK AT IT!!

Oh yes.. I got a cool new hoodie today. Thank you Jeff and Kerrie! And all I did to get it was nap on their couch and watch their TV all day. WOOT!!

Today was a tired training day for me. I think I might have overdone it a little bit with the circuit training and the running yesterday. (maybe... maybe not.) Though I COULD chalk it up to getting really poor sleep last night. I've been napping in the afternoons and then sleeping about 4 to 5 hours at night lately and though I'm getting 8 hours total I'm feeling fatigued.

Tonight's plan is no nap and in bed by 9pm. Since I don't have to be back to the gym until 9am tomorrow I HOPE that will have a better result. This morning I was so tired I ended up sleeping for an hour and a half on the couch as soon as I opened the gym AND I drank a cup of coffee.

Both of these things make me a little disappointed in myself. (sigh)

The GOOD news is that I held pads today for Sierra and Deanna (FUN!) AND I ran my two miles today with only a little cramping and joint pain. The first .25 mile warm up was making me nervous because my legs felt so fried. I thought for SURE I was going to have a painful go of things.

After the gym this morning I rode around with Jeff in an effort to find a new road bike for my coworker, (we'll call her Belle). Belle is very little and is looking for a road bike in a 44cm to a 46cm. We narrowed it down to the following 5 bikes...(Drum Roll Plz)

The Trek WSD 1.2

The Bianchi C2C Via Nirone 7 Alu

The Lapierre R Lite 300
The Cannondale Synapse Feminine 7

And the Specialized Dolce Triple.

If it were ME I'd pry go with the Bianchi or the Lapierre. The Lapierre maybe a bit more since it's actually AT the bike shop and it's pretty well pimped out with much nicer components than the Bianchi.

..But that's just me. Last I talked to her she was digging the Bianchi but I think that may have been because I have one and since she's seen it almost weekly I think she may be used to the appearance of the bike. She DID warm to the blue colour on a couple of other bikes we looked at so the Cannondale may come out the winner.

They're all great bikes and they're all under a grand so no matter what she gets I'm sure she'll be happy. Right now her bike is VERY heavy and it's about 2cm to 4cm too big for her.

Well, enough bike talk and BACK TO ME! (cuz it's all about me in the end.. right? Hey! Where're you goin'!?!)

I don't think I ate enough this morning or yesterday because today I was STARVING!!!

Half way through my run this morning all I could think about was food.. ANY FOOD! Jeff and I rode to the Whole Foods before bike shopping and I ate a Vega bar, an apple, and 16oz of water and felt much better until I got on my bike again. Once I got going I was FAMISHED!

We shopped for a bit then stopped at his house where I ate ANOTHER Vega bar. Then we rode to my house where I was famished AGAIN! I downed a banana and we rode up the Aves (think incline!) to check out the last bike shop and once again I was STARVING!

I got home, drank a two scoop Vega shake and ate a whole bag of Sugar Snap Peas.

I feel a little better now but MAN I was hungry. On top of it my legs felt like rubber on the ride to my house. I was almost certain I was going to have to walk the hill to Wild Rose. I'm honestly surprised I made it. I got a last little push of energy on the last three blocks of hill before we got to the shop.

Thank God.

So today's workout was an easy one:

Thai Training: 3min rounds and 60sec rests all the way through. 3 rounds shadow box with weights, 3 rounds jump rope, 6 rounds holding pads and technique work. Mostly Jab drills today with the light Jab sparring.

Then a 2 mile run at 5.5mph which Felt GREAT! Heart rate was nice and low in comparison to yesterday and while my legs ached the run felt much easier.

Then Bike riding here and there doing errands and bike shopping with Jeff. All told I think I did maybe 9 miles biking today. Not too much but it felt like a lot after running and Thai.

Tomorrow is a running rest day and I'll just be doing some light Thai and Jiu Jitsu with some lifting in between.

Oh, and I'm slowly warming to the Brendan Brazier book so far even though he DOES talk about toxins, which I think is an overrated concept.

We'll see. :)

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